Parents and Families of Children with Disabilities: Effective School-Based Support Services

Patricia J. Fewell (Author), William J. Gibbs (Author), Richard L. Simpson (Author), Denise M. Clark (Author)


Book Description

ISBN-10: 0130194883 | ISBN-13: 978-0130194886 | Publication Date: March 4, 2006
Parents and Families of Children with Disabilities: Providing Effective School Based Support Services provides teachers and paraprofessionals with necessary motivation, research-based practices, skills, and resources to collaborate effectively wiith familes to develop family-centered schools. The book challenges educators to rethink the traditional roles and responsibilities of public schools, training teachers and paraprofessionals how to achieve effective stress management, child advocacy, and transition planning, as well as how to provide academic intervention for the families of children with disabilities and the diverse communities that surround them. General K-12 inservice teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents.

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